How Many Pokémon Types Are There in 2024?

Pokémon exist in various forms, statuses, and powers, and fans adore them and want to be friends with them worldwide. However, there are many types of Pokémon, and if a person wants to become a good trainer and friend, they have to study their Pokemon well. Initially, there were fifteen types each with its own advantage and approach to warfare. Now, with the addition of Dark, Steel, and Fairy, there are total eighteen types of Pokémon.  Knowledge of these types is essential for confronting battles and developing close relationships with your Pokémon. 

So, let’s take a closer look at each type and find out what makes them so unique!

Types of Pokémon

There are differences in each Pokémon which give them unique attributes in battle. Here are their types:

1. Normal

    Normal-type Pokémon are generalists. They do not have advantages or disadvantages against certain aspects, which make them versatile. They have balanced stats which are okay for many strategies and fights.

    2. Electric

      In the past generations, four new Electric Pokémon have been added to the list. These Pokémon are very useful defensively against Steel and Flying types of Pokémon. However, Electric-type moves are not very strong against Dragon and Grass types.

      3. Fire

        As the name suggests, the Fire-type Pokémon are typically associated with elements of fire and possess Fire-type moves. That is why they have a high Special Attack stat. However, they are vulnerable to Water and Rock types.

        4. Ice

          Ice-type Pokémon are known for their icy powers and ability to freeze opponents with strong ice attacks. They’re strong against some types but weak against Fire and Fighting moves, which can easily defeat them in battles.

          5. Water

            Water-type Pokémon are aquatic creatures that possess water-like attacks as their primary skills. They also have high resistance to special attacks. They use their water moves for both attack and defense purposes. They are effective against fire types but are vulnerable to electric and grass types.

            6. Poison

              Today, the 83 Poison types are considered the worst, mainly useful against Grass and Fairy types. However, they are weak against Rock and Ghost types, and none of their attacks can affect Steel-type Pokémon.

              7. Grass

                Grass-type Pokémon are widely recognized as one of the weaker types. They are weak against Steel, Fire, Dragon, and Bug types. But, they are effective against Water, Rock, and Ground types of Pokémon.

                8. Ground

                  Ground-type Pokémon are very popular among trainers, mainly due to their great defense. They are strong against Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock, and Steel-type Pokémon so they are very useful in battles.

                  9. Bug

                    Bug-type Pokémon are generally small in size and have the ability to move faster than other Pokémon. It is resistant to Grass and Psychic-type moves but vulnerable to Fire, Flying, and Rock types. Their unique moves can deal a lot of damage.

                    10. Rock

                      They have high defense like the Rock type and they are not affected by sandstorms which increases their special defense. They are also vulnerable against ground-type moves but resistant to ice, flying, and fire-type moves.

                      11. Steel

                        They are strong Pokémon and are made of steel-like material. They possess high Defense to ensure they are difficult to defeat. It is effective against ice, rock, and fairy types of moves. They are immune to many types, such as Normal and Grass. They usually have a robust, metallic appearance.

                        12. Dark

                          Dark-type Pokémon are sneaky and shadowy. They can mess up opponents’ strategies with tricky moves. They are strong against Psychic and Ghost types but weak against Fighting and Bug moves. Dark-type Pokémon often look mysterious and edgy.

                          13. Fighting

                            Currently, there are 78 Fighting Pokémon that specialize in martial arts-type defense. These are quite effective against Rock and Steel types. They are also effective against Dark, Normal, and Ice-type Pokémon. However, Fighting types are immune to Rock, Bug, and Dark-type Pokémon.

                            14. Flying

                              Flying-type Pokemon is fast because it is among the fastest types in the game. They shine particularly well against Fighting and Bug types. However, they are vulnerable to Electric, Rock, and Steel-types.

                              15. Psychic

                                While Psychic-type Pokémon are not very versatile, two generations enhanced their abilities and weaknesses. It is strong against Fighting and Poison types of Pokémon but weak against Dark Pokémon.

                                16. Ghost

                                  The Ghost-type Pokémon are quite limited and they have the aspect of being dual-typed. In the first generation, they have no influence on Psychic-type Pokémon. Ghosts are also highly effective against other Ghosts or Psychic types but are not very useful against Dark types.

                                  17. Dragon

                                    The Dragon-type Pokémon are also a bit tricky to train since they require more XP to level up. It takes less damage against Steel types and is not very effective against Fairy types.

                                    18. Fairy

                                      Fairy-type Pokémon are mystical in nature. They have certain advantages and resistances to Dragon and Dark Pokémon types. Fairy-type Pokémon are usually cute and beautiful.


                                      There are a total of 18 types of Pokemon to discover with friends and family. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, some of the genera have two types or two resistances. Understanding this can help you to win certain battles against diverse types of Pokémon.