Motorcycle Accident

Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Riding bikes is an enjoyable activity for many people, but the dangers connected with it are something one should bear in mind. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), states that motorcycles are more likely to experience an accident than cars. Motorcycle accidents are also frequent, and many of them lead to serious injuries or even death. But, of course, it does not mean you should never ever ride a bike. If you’re a bit more careful you might avoid such incidents from happening to you in the first place.

That’s why it is crucial to be aware of possible causes of motorcycle accidents and the ways to avoid them. If you have an idea of what you should and should not do, you will be able to make the right decision. In this guide, major aspects of motorcycle accidents will be discussed including causes, and measures that can be taken to reduce risks and enhance safety. Let’s dive in!

Top 7 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Several things can cause a motorcycle accident. Many of them can occur due to a biker’s fault. However, other vehicles on the road can also be a cause of bike crashes. Here are the main reasons for motorcycle accidents:


Dangerous riding habits can cause severe motorcycle accident injuries. The most common yet hazardous habit is overspeeding. Even on empty roads, motorcyclists should avoid going too fast because many motorcycle accident injuries occur when riders can’t react in time to avoid a crash. A 2017 NHTSA study found that 31% of U.S. motorcycle riders engaged in fatal crashes were exceeding the speed limit. Both motorcyclists and car drivers should obey speed limits to prevent accidents. However, motorcyclists need to be extra careful as speed-related motorcycle crashes are more likely to end in fatalities.

Risks of Drug and Alcohol

You should be in your complete senses, especially while riding a bike or motorcycle, because drunk-driving accidents are more deadly for motorcyclists, with 33% of them getting killed, while car passengers face a lower risk. Also, in the United States, alcohol-impaired drivers cause 29 fatal accidents every day, which means one death occurs about every 50 minutes. However, if you ever find yourself in an accident and suffer motorcycle accident injuries due to a drunk driver, you can turn to an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer for legal guidance to navigate the consequences effectively.

Inclement Weather

Poor weather conditions also contribute to the main part in causing motorcycle accidents. Rain, snow, or obstacles are riskier for bikers compared to other vehicles and can increase the risk of accidents. Drivers should also be cautious around motorcycles and drive safely to prevent accidents. It’s always advisable to avoid motorcycling or driving when the weather is not consistent. However, one should always stay defensive and alert while riding, regardless of the conditions.

Mechanical Defaults

Although this is one of the most overlooked factors in causing an accident, it could also be a reason. Your motorcycle maintenance is equally as important as taking other precautions on the road. Sometimes your brakes might fail suddenly, and it is because your motorcycle was not maintained in the first place. You may experience a tire blowout, which can result in loss of control and potentially dangerous situations. That’s why it’s crucial that you keep your vehicle maintained to avoid such situations. You can also schedule regular inspections to ensure that your motorcycle is in good condition.

Lack of Experience and Attention

Failure to pay attention or getting distracted is a dangerous thing. If a motorcycle rider is not focused on things happening around them, then they might not be able to control their bike sufficiently when they have to. According to the studies, novice motorcyclists who have been riding for one year or less are more at risk of being involved in an accident than experienced riders. In the same way, new car drivers are ordinarily unaware of motorcycles, unable to estimate motorcycle speed, and are prone to making wrong turns and collisions.  That is why drivers should be attentive and given enough experience while driving.

Dangerous Lane Changes

While lane-changing, you should be extremely cautious. This type of accident is where a driver moves to another lane and either hits a car already in that lane or puts other road users at risk. Accidents during the changing of lanes are common since other drivers fail to notice motorcycles. If drivers briefly look away from the road to check their mirrors before turning into another lane, they might not notice motorbikes riding at the back, which are areas that mirrors cannot capture. Every year, almost 4000 drivers and motorcycle operators die in fatal crashes resulting from unsafe lane changes.

Unsafe Road Conditions

Roadway conditions are often not considered as a cause of accidents despite being the leading cause of motorcycle accidents. Hazardous road conditions cause about 33,000 fatal traffic accidents every year. Such risks include bad road surfaces, subsidence, cracked surfaces, potholes, and many others. That is why road maintenance and safe riding should be given priority to reduce the chances of motorcycle accidents.

How to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents?

To minimize the risk of motorcycle accidents, you can consider following these safety tips:

Reduce Your Speed

Most motorcycle accidents are caused due to overspeeding. Vehicles are more likely to collide with each other when they are going too fast. Even when you’re not exceeding the speed limit, but you’re not comfortable driving at a certain limit then simply don’t! No matter how much you’re getting late, be mindful of the speed. Nothing is worth risking your life. Motorcycle crashes injuries are severe and if you want to be safe on the road, you must drive at a safe speed. Controlling speed not only ensures your safety but also that of other road users.

Rear-End Collision Prevention

Motorcycles are usually knocked from behind by the cars most especially whenever they stop at some intersection or when there are pedestrians or animals on the road. If you must stop in such circumstances, pull over to the side of your lane and flash your brake light several times. When you do this, ensure that you look at the back mirror to check on other vehicles that may be approaching. Ride with your bike in gear so that you can easily move away in case a car comes too close to you. This enables one to avoid an accident and be safe especially when approaching an intersection on their motorcycle.

Follow Traffic Rules 

It is, therefore, important to note that traffic laws are still in place aimed at making sure that you are safe. This is because aggressive driving and ignoring traffic laws not only increase the likelihood of getting into an accident but also pose risks to other road users. Observing the speed limit when riding on the road, and avoiding alcohol and other substances can help reduce motorcycle accidents. These measures eliminate risk factors that are usually associated with motorcycle riding.

Perform Regular Inspection 

Another way that has been observed to reduce cases of crashes is by taking your motorcycle for regular check-ups. This includes the engine, the tires, the headlamps, the brake, and the turn signals. This way, you bring the specific parts of your bike to excellent running condition hence enhancing the safety and performance of the bike. Mechanics can look for any signs of wear and tear and repair whenever there is damage and even change the worn-out parts so as to prevent mechanical breakdowns and even accidents on the road. Making time and effort in its maintenance will make the motorcycle safer and more desirable to ride in the future.

Wear a Helmet

Not wearing a helmet during motorcycle crashes significantly increases the risk of severe head injuries. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), helmets are estimated to be 37% effective in preventing fatalities for motorcycle riders and 41% for passengers. It is crucial for the rider to wear a full-face DOT-compliant helmet, better if it is in a light color. This is why helmets are important since they lower accident chances of obtaining a head injury by 69%.

Also, it’s advisable to replace your motorcycle helmet from time to time for instance after every five years or if at all you’ve had a crash. This is because when you wear a helmet that fits you well and the helmet is up to date, it reduces the impact of the blow when you are accidentally involved in an accident. It will help to prioritize safety and make sure the helmet is in good condition.

Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

No one wants to be in a motorcycle accident, but sometimes they are unavoidable. If you ever get involved in a motorcycle accident, you can reach out to a motorcycle accident attorney. However, here is what you can do at the moment:

  • Seek Safety Immediately, Abandon the Motorcycle if Necessary: In case of a motorcycle crash, refrain from any interaction with the bike or try to move it in any way. Also, don’t stay at the spot of the crash as it can also be fatal to yourself and others because of target fixation. To avoid endangering yourself any further, make sure you are not in the proximity of the incident. It is also important not to touch the bike as it will cause more significant injuries and preserve evidence to use in insurance or legal claims.
  • Dial Emergency Services Immediately: In case of a motorcycle accident, it’s extremely important to dial the emergency numbers. Often people may become dumb in a crisis, so make sure to motion at someone to dial. Also, ensure you tell them which number to dial. One should consider using a mobile application such as BikerSOS as well as having emergency contact information with medical history written on the back of an ID.
  • Keep Safety Gear On: Do not remove protective clothing and equipment because there might be other hidden injuries. Also, limit your movement and look for a station where you can sit and wait for assistance. For minor injuries, other available facilities can be used to treat injuries such as bruises and scratches from a first aid kit. You must always make sure that you are safe and should not further complicate the injury through wrong body movements after the accident.
  • Evaluate the Situation Mentally: If you have been in a motorcycle accident you may have been physically or emotionally shocked. Don’t panic, wait for help, and think of performing first aid for relief. Evaluate the condition of your health in order to offer proper details to the medical personnel for proper treatment.
  • Gather Supporting Evidence: The collection of evidence after an accident is very important for insurance and other legal procedures to be followed. Get someone to take videos and photos of the scene like vehicles that were involved in the incident, parts of the road, or any other detail that you feel is relevant. Try to ask for video records from other nearby vehicles or purchase a dashboard camera that you can install on your motorcycle to record your rides and any incidents that may occur.
  • Collaborate With Authorities: The police may approach you for a statement at the scene of the accident, or even at a later date. Always be truthful but do not take responsibility until you have reviewed the facts and discussed this with your insurance and lawyer. If there were pictures or videos taken, some of them may be required for investigation at the police station.
  • Get Legal Help: In the case of a serious accident or in case of an accident due to another driver or due to improper construction of roads, legal help may be necessary. Remember, do not share all the information and ideas about the accident with anyone before consulting a personal motorcycle accident lawyer. You can get Legal help as it is useful for navigating communication with the insurance companies and advising clients on how to receive the settlement.

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Assist You?

If you feel that you are unable, or that you do not like dealing with post-accident matters on your own, a motorcycle accident attorney can help. They can handle insurance companies on your behalf to ensure that you get the rightful compensation. Also, they assist in managing the consequences and further claims if required for rehabilitation.