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What Pokémon Cards Should I Buy in 2024?

If you are a Pokémon card collector, 2024 has the right packs for you. Regardless of whether you have been using boosters for many years, and you just opened your first pack, there is always a special thrill in pulling out a rare card. But, with so many sets available out there it can be quite challenging to choose the right sets. That’s why we have compiled a list of the packs with the newest, sparkling, and famous Pokémon. Our guide will assist you in selecting the right cards and make your collection even more remarkable this year.

Evolving Skies – Sword & Shield 

You can purchase the Sword and Shield Evolving Skies pack in 2024. It’s particularly enjoyed by those who love Sword and Shield cards because they come with gems that can cost hundreds of dollars each. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that there are many other Galarian Pokemon cards in existence, and the scene featuring the Sylveon alternate art is just one of the many out there. Although collectors are always on the lookout for these rare and valuable cards, this pack is one of the most sought-after out in the market.

Crown Zenith – Sword and Shield

Crown Zenith is an interesting extension of the set from the Sword and Shield cycle. It has trainers and new versions of some popular sword and shield cards making it different from the next one. An awesome-looking feature it has is the shiny new artwork such as Leafeon VSTAR. The opening of each pack is akin to opening a gift and the feeling as though something marvelous awaits inside. It has 70 special cards with differing artwork and since every pack has its unique artwork, collecting them is quite enjoyable.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – 151

Pokemon 151 is just another collection of cards that includes all 151 original Pokemon from the earlier sets of the card game. The Scarlet and Violet Base Set of the Pokemon Trading Card Game was launched in March of 2023. The expansion set came with new forms of rare cards that had not been in the earlier editions, such as the Special Illustration Rares and Double Rares. It also allows players to gather over these legendary creatures, just like they could do when Pokemon started some decades ago. While other sets combine with other cards, this set mainly contains those first 151 Pokemon. It is the new and beautiful artwork of favorite characters such as the first-generation starters, Zapdos, and Alakazam among others. It is exciting for collectors to possess their favorite Pokemon and relive the memories of the first two generations of the franchise.

Celebrations Booster Pack

Pokemon celebration packs are beloved by fans as these sets remind them of the first generation of Pokemon. Some of them contain original vintage Pokemon cards that were embedded in the players’ childhood memories. There are fewer cards and this means that it is enjoyable to search and find all the cards in the set. Due to this focus on nostalgia and collectibility, Celebrations is loved by collectors and will continue to be popular in the long run.

Silver Tempest – Sword & Shield

Silver Tempest was the final giant card set that could be found within the Sword and Shield series. It is especially famous for its card, the alternate art Lugia V which is still valuable today and is likely to remain valuable due to its rarity and beauty. The set is truly diverse, includes favorite Pokemon from previous generations, and adds some level of nostalgia as the final major set in the Sword and Shield series. It’s also cheap, especially if you just want to buy some packs and look for these valuable cards in it.

Lost Origin – Sword & Shield

Lost Origin is an important addition to the Pokemon Trading Card Game because it came with a new aspect known as the Lost Zone. This added a certain twist to how the game was played that made it more interesting for the players. The set also contains special cards that have a more artistic and elaborate design, which collectors like very much. Some of these cards include Giratina V and Aerodactyl V, which many people love and even sell at higher prices in the market. Basically, this is a perfect pack for those who would like to purchase or search for these valuable cards.