Criminal Lawyer

How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Cost? 

If you or someone you know is charged with a crime then you will need the services of a criminal lawyer. If you’re wondering how much a criminal lawyer costs, you must keep in mind that the charges can vary. There are some criminal attorneys who may charge differently depending on their location, the level of experience they have, the severity of your case, and other factors.

For minor offenses, legal costs can be between $2000 and $5000. However, the costs are not fixed and they can be much higher depending on certain factors. In this article, we will explain how much a criminal lawyer costs on average and what factors influence these costs so that you have some idea of the expenses you will incur.

The Typical Cost of Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

Fees for Defending Assault & Battery Allegations

While the terms ‘assault’ and ‘battery’ are often used interchangeably, there is a legal distinction between the two. Assault is defined as the act of trying or intending to harm whereas battery refers to the act of making actual bodily contact. Some states often group them under assault charges. The cost of defense legal fees is not fixed as it depends on the level of the case and starts from $5000 to $100,000 or even more.

Expenses for Misdemeanor Defense

Misdemeanors are not something that you can take easily and you will have to hire a lawyer which will cost you between $2500 to $8000. This is why it is useful to know about the kinds of crimes and how they are ranked, including infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. Misdemeanors are somewhat more serious and can lead to a fine or, in some cases, imprisonment. Felonies are very serious crimes and can get you more than a year in jail, while misdemeanors are less serious and might mean less than a year in jail.

Domestic Violence Legal Expenses

If you have been charged with domestic violence, a lawyer will cost you between $3500 and $15000. Nevertheless, not every domestic violence charge is credible. The Office on Violence Against Women defines domestic abuse as an attempt by one partner to exercise power over the other through various means of harm. This may comprise physical, emotional, psychological, economic, or sexual assault, cyberstalking, stalking, and intimidation. A victim could be a child, a family member, a partner, or a roommate.

Legal Expenses for Drug Possession Defense

If a person has drugs such as heroin or cocaine or has goods that are used to make drugs or any other drug, it is unlawful. There are two main types of drug possession – possession of drugs for his own consumption or with the intention of selling them. The penalty for selling drugs is often more severe than the penalty for simple possession. The legal expenses of fighting drug possession charges can cost between $3000 and $10000.

Legal Expenses for Attending Court Hearings

When you are accused of a crime, you will be required to attend court hearings several times. This entails going to court in order to get your case heard and solved by a judge. Court appearances are among the expenses that fall under your total defense cost. Misdemeanor defense ranges from $2500 to $8000 while felony defense may cost between $10,000 and $20,000.

Criminal Trial Legal Expenses

In a criminal trial, both the prosecution and defense are given an opportunity to present their case to a jury. The role of the prosecution is to show that the defendant is guilty and the role of the defense is to prove that the defendant is innocent. The cost of trials is usually above $20,000, including the time spent on preparation and the daily charges, which are 40 hours and $2000 per day.

What Factors Affect Criminal Lawyer Charges?

Multiple aspects can impact the expense of hiring a criminal lawyer, such as:

  • The Seriousness of the Charges: The level of the accusations depends on the price. Major offenses are normally expensive due to the fact that they can lead to lengthy imprisonment or a large fine.
  • The Complexity of the Case: Some cases that include many participants, a lot of evidence, or complicated legal issues take more time and money, so they cost more.
  • The Lawyer’s Experience: The more experienced lawyers who are very popular in society charge higher fees because they have more experience and they have more exposure to people.
  • Where You Are: This is because lawyers in big cities or areas of affluence will charge more for their services than those in poor areas or in rural areas. This is because they are likely to have higher costs and many people seeking assistance.
  • How They Charge You: Some of the lawyers work on an hourly basis, some have a fixed charge for the whole deal and some may demand a down payment. This is because how they charge it determines the amount you are required to pay and the time frame for paying it.

Can I Just Consider the Price When Buying Legal Services?

It’s only normal to ask for the costs of the legal service when one is charged with a criminal case. However, one should not choose the cheapest lawyer in the market. There are companies that promise to deliver the same quality of services at a cheaper price due to increased productivity and this is not usually the case with discount lawyers since they work with so many clients compared to private lawyers.