Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Most Valuable Cards in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

In the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet card series, new card sets are being released. Some cards from the original Paldea-themed set are still highly valued by collectors today. This shows that fans of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) still find these cards important and desirable. As with older card sets, Scarlet and Violet may also become nostalgic over time, especially because they introduce Paldean Pokémon. This could affect the future prices of these cards. Whether you collect cards for fun or as an investment, it’s helpful to know which cards are valuable when you open a booster pack. This way, you can make informed decisions about what cards to keep or trade.

Nest Ball

Nest Ball has been useful in other Pokémon card sets and is expected to play a large role in the newly released Scarlet and Violet series. Nest Ball is replacing Quick Ball from the Sword and Shield series because Quick Ball is no longer allowed in the competition. Unlike some other cards, the Nest Ball does not allow the usage of special abilities from your hand. However, the card is quite useful and safe since nobody wants to discard important resources. Most decks would ideally consist of four Nest Balls due to their predictability in catching Basic Pokémon. Thus, Nest Ball remains a valuable card until another becomes more attractive.

Miriam (Alternate Art Card)

Miriam, who is a cute school nurse character from the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet card set, is also available in the pink variant. This special illustration variant of Miriam is the most valuable card in the entire set. Currently, it is more expensive than another type of very limited Miriam known as Ultra Rare Miriam. The reason they like it is because it is a pink-themed artwork and it functions as a useful ability in the game.

Charizard ex

Whenever any Pokémon receives a full art special card in a set, it gains new popularity as soon as possible. This has happened previously numerous times and is not unique to the Obsidian Flames set. The illustration on this particular card is not really the same as the other cards – it is even quite geometric and Charizard itself looks even more vicious. However, one of the figures itself appears to be very cute and the figure represents Charizard in a rather encouraging manner.

Toxicroak EX (Full Art)

Toxicroak EX is an evolved card in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. It is an evolution of Croagunk and has 250 HP which makes it strong. Its attacks are Nasty Plot, which allows you to search your deck for two cards for one Energy, and Toxic Ripper, which does 120 damage, poisons the opponent, and increases damage during the Pokémon Checkup for three Energy. It is often listed among the best Dark-type Pokémon in this expansion because of its strength and position on the field.

Gardevoir ex

The Gardevoir ex is an illustration of a powerful Pokémon known as Gardevoir. For instance, it narrates the life story of Ralts, which had a long happy life with its owners. The design of the card is very artistic and brings out the beauty of the card as compared to the other cards that are in the same set. This makes Gardevoir ex one of the most valuable cards in the Scarlet and Violet collection.

Dolliv (Full Art)

The Paradigm of Dolliv illustrated card is a special and rare full-art card in the Scarlet & Violet expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. While Dolliv has only 90 HP, which is not a lot, it possesses a strong move named “Apply Oil.” This is an attack that costs two Energy cards and does 40 damage. It also forces the opponent to toss a coin when they attempt to attack the subsequent turn. If the coin turns out to be tails, then their attack isn’t effective.

Rare Candy

This Rare Candy card is special because it is from the Scarlet and Violet base set and has a gold color on the background. It operates similarly to other Rare Candy cards, in that it also lets you evolve your Pokémon quicker. What makes it valuable is its rarity level which is categorized as Hyper Rare, which has not been seen in the Scarlet and Violet series. This rarity label makes the card very attractive for collectors and ordinary players who want to improve their decks.